The Alliance Department of Defense is the Corporate Alliance Military Department, responsible for the Security of Alliance Space. Lead by the Minister of Defense, the department handles all threats, foreign and domestic, of the Alliance. The main objective for Defense Department members is to Keep the Alliance Safe. The Department of Defense also manages scanning, prospecting, personal transport and ship transport for the Alliance.

The Current Minister of Defense is Kazacar Cloudrunner Aqua

The Current Deputy Minister of Defense is Yabba Lyle

Job DescriptionsEdit

Minister of DefenseEdit

The Minister of Defense serves as the leader of the Defense Department. The main responsibility of the Defense Minister is to oversees the Security of the alliance by for managing security missions and sweeps in Alliance Space, as well as organizing infiltration missions, the Security Admiral helps keep the faction safe. The Security Admiral also serves on the Alliance Directorate, which helps run the Alliance.

Deputy Minister of DefenseEdit

The Deputy Minister of Defense serves under the Minister of Defence This official helps the department head in the day to day duties of running the Department, as well as training to take over for the Minister in the future if the circumstances demand it. While the Deputy Minister of Defence does not have a vote in the Alliance Directorate, they do have the ability to sit in on the Directorate Meetings and voice their opinion if necessary.

Former Ministers of DefenseEdit

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Former Deputy Ministers of DefenseEdit

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