Navigational Information
Planet: Arthenost
System: Dolomar
Sun(s): Dolomar Sun
Orbiting Objects: [TSI] Heimdall Bifrost
Geographical Information
Size: 10x10
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Temperate
Social Information
Governor: Corporate Alliance
Population: 160,000,000 Inhabitant(s)
Civilisation Level: 14%
Languages: Galactic Basic, Nautila
Industry: Export
Taxation Level: 0%
Currency: Unknown
Planetary Income: 28,439,475 Credit(s)
Tax Income: 0 Credit(s)
Important Cities: NS City of Raxim
Point of Interest: None
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Arthenost is one of five planets in the Dolomar System. Controlled by the Nautolan Society and Corporate Alliance, Arthenost was one of the first planets in the Dolomar System to be heavily colonized. After the capital was established on Valakivir, Arthenost, with its vast oceans, became the focus of the Ruling Nautolan Society


Arthenost is one of the three great ocean worlds in the Dolomar System. Unlike the other water worlds of the system, Valakivir and Tellus, Arthenost is much further from the system's sun, producing very mild summers and cold winters. The lack of an overall warm climate makes Arthenost a rather poor planet for farming and crop growth. During the winter months, a majority of the oceans in the northern and southern poles freeze over, creating ice fields similar to those found on the planet Dolomar.

The major landmass of Arthenost is situated around the planet's equator. Originally formed from underwater volcanic eruptions, it is very rough terrain, with small mountain ranges cutting the large landmass in half. While very prominent on the surface of the planet, the mountains are not visible from space due to the nature of their peaks. Within the small mountain ranges are large plateaus which provide an excellent place for fields to grow and also create a prime location for city development. These large grasslands also lead to the development of a varied assortment of animal species, some with the ability to live both above and below the water that dominates the surface of the planet.

Apart from the grassland continent, Arthenost also has a large desert island that is located in the northern hemisphere. It is not well understood how exactly the desert came to be, but it is extremely cold. Despite the frigid cold, the first major city on the planet was constructed on its arid dunes.

While humanoid species never naturally evolved on Arthenost, the geography of the planet made it a popular place for colonization and development. During the many wars for control of the system, it was mostly ignored, with the conflicts focused more on the material-rich Kirogost and Dolomar -- the key prizes of the system. Arthenost, in contrast, provided a promise of peace to sentients, whose homes were destroyed on Dolomar and many settled in the large cities that were developing on the largest continent. United in determination, the mix of refugees and colonists created a very diverse culture, and the designs of the cities reflect it. Built by sentients of many different backgrounds and races, the cities were molded into a display of their lives and lifestyles. The cities that cover Arthenost's surfaces have some of the most interesting architecture in the galaxy.

While most of the cultures on Arthenost are quite diverse, the population overall is dominated by aquatic races, who can take advantage of the planet's large oceans.