Navigational Information
Planet: Dolomar
System: Dolomar
Sun(s): Dolomar Sun
Orbiting Objects: None
Geographical Information
Size: 9x9
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Cold
Social Information
Governor: Corporate Alliance
Population: 28,000,000 inhabitants Inhabitant(s)
Civilisation Level: 7%
Languages: Galactic Basic, Nautila
Industry: Mining
Taxation Level: 5%
Currency: Unknown
Planetary Income: 4,520,255 Credit(s)
Tax Income: 270,000 Credit(s)
Important Cities: None
Point of Interest: None
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The Planet Dolomar is one of five planets in the Dolomar System. Controlled by the Nautolan Society and Corporate Alliance, Dolomar has steadily been raising in population and production. Having both large mountain ranges and large ice fields, this cold world is one of the more interesting locations in the galaxy. Dolomar is a hotspot for mining in the Dolomar System.


The planet Dolomar has the coldest climate of any planets found in the system of the same name. While notably moist, its climate consists mainly of extreme cold, blizzards, and ice. Its winters are extremely harsh and temperatures during its generally mild summers occasionally dip below freezing at night. However, records indicate that when it was originally settled by humans, many generations ago, Dolomar had a more temperate climate.

The surface of Dolomar is covered with large glaciers, snowdrifts and ice-shrouded mountains. There is a single landmass at its centre located around the equator. One of the more prominent mountain ranges, known by the local population as the L`tiri Peaks, is home to some of the largest settlements on the planet. While large and habitable, most establishments are built underground to escape the frigid temperatures of the planet above. One such underground settlement is Diflu, which is built amongst the caverns and tunnels in the L`tiri Peaks and known galaxy-wide for its spice wines and trading facilities.

Following the discovery of raw material deposits, numerous underground cities sprung up along the equator of Dolomar to support the large mining operations. The wealth they brought into the system led to wars over the mineral rights which destroyed most of the above-ground cities. As the climate took a harsh turn, many of the settlers left, leaving the planet a barren wasteland.

Of late, there has been a recent push to settle Dolomar, with a large influx in immigration to the system. Sizable Nautolan cities have been built upon the remnants of the deserted metropolises of old. They have come with an effort to fix the planet's torn ecosystem and bring back the natural beauty of the environment that was destroyed during Dolomar's historic war-torn era.