Navigational Information
System: Dolomar
Sector: Dolomar Sector
Coordinates: (110, 160)
Solar Information
Suns: Dolomar Sun
Planets: Valakivir, Arthenost, Kirogost, Dolomar, Tellus
Moons: None
Asteroid Fields: None
Space Stations: NS Prosperity, NS Aquaria, [TSI] Heimdall Bifrost
Social Information
Governor: Corporate Alliance
Population: Approx. 470,000,000 inhabitants Inhabitant(s)
Important Locations: Nauto Prime
Points of Interest: None
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Located at the eastern edge of the sector of the same name, the Dolomar System is its capital. The system contains five planets: the twin aquatic worlds of Valakivir and Tellus, the icy Dolomar, the oxygen deprived Kirogost, and the temperate Arthenost. The varying planet types make it a popular location for many different species of displaced sentients.

The Dolomar system has a long, bloody history of wars, such as the conflicts between Separatists and the Republic, to more recent Imperial and New Republic confrontations. More recently, battles between the Nautolan Society and militant forces raged across the system, devastating the land and killing the local populace. But with peace finally having been established in the system, the population has slowly been on the rise.

Many couples, with homes lost in the numerous wars across the galaxy, find Dolomar to be a nice place to raise a family. While the system was originally settled by Humans, a large number of Nautolans have begun migrating here, making them the dominate species in the Dolomar System.