Navigational Information
Planet: Kirogost
System: Dolomar
Sun(s): Dolomar Sun
Orbiting Objects: None
Geographical Information
Size: 10x10
Atmosphere: toxic atmosphere
Climate: Cold
Social Information
Governor: Corporate Alliance
Population: 270,000,000 Inhabitant(s)
Civilisation Level: 13%
Languages: Galactic Basic, Nautila
Industry: Mining
Taxation Level: 5%
Currency: Unknown
Planetary Income: 42,432,988 Credit(s)
Tax Income: 2,121,649 Credit(s)
Important Cities: None
Point of Interest: None
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Kirogost is one of five planets in the Dolomar System. Controlled by the Nautolan Society and Corporate Alliance, Kirogost has steadily been raising in population and production. While this planet once had one of the smallest populations in the system, recent development efforts have produced a thriving mining economy, bringing in both workers and their families to populate the new Biodomes and work in the mines.


Kirogost is a planet rich in danger and opportunity. Located in the Dolomar system, it possesses the largest orbit and is a planet like none other in the system. Lacking the oxygen rich atmosphere that all of the other Dolomar planets have, it is also devoid of water.

The combination of jagged rocks, constant freezing temperatures, perilous icebergs, and highly toxic atmosphere make Kirogost a truly uninviting place to live. With incredible mineral deposits, however, many take the risk. Having no real environment to speak of, it is also a haven for highly pollutant manufacturing. There are no beautiful landscapes to be seen on Kirogost, even its building designs are purely functional, and in its cities there is only death, wealth, mining and industry.

In the past, these its raw material deposits brought in many immigrants who made large scale efforts to mine the perilous planet. Once the credits started to flow in from the precious materials, feuds started between the different mining factions, leading to all-out wars for the rights to mine Kirogost. Like on Dolomar, the wars managed to destroy most of the established mining colonies. Once the wars were over, the planet was left isolated and destroyed.

After centuries of isolation, the deposits were rediscovered by a local mining company. New efforts were made to rebuild the mining facilities and the economy of the system improved. With this optimistic outlook, civilians began to migrate to the planet, bolstering its population and increasing the possible workforce for the mines. Special containment fields were created to help keep pollution in the civilized areas of the planet safe for sentient life while maintaining the profitability of the vast mining projects on the planet's surface.