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Biographical Information
Name: Kran Chan
Homeworld: Duro
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: -
Physical Description
Species: Duros
Gender: Male
Height: 1.85m
Hair Colour: Hairless
Eye Colour: Ruby Red
Chronological and Political Information
Era: -
Affiliation: Tytus Escorting, Inc., Commerce Guild, Corporate Alliance, Hoersch-Kessel Driveworks, Inc.

Vice-Magistrate Kran Chan is a blue skinned, male Duros, originally from the Duro System. He has spent the majority of his recent years working in the Confederacy of Independent Systems, elevating himself to a Chief Operating Officer of the Commerce Guild and CIS Senator. He joined the Corporate Alliance in year 10, assisting his friend, Siejo Kutol, with maintaining and organizing the Alliance.

Early HistoryEdit

Kran Chan was born into a wealthy family well known in Duro Politics. His father, Kryn Chan, was a major shareholder in DuroDelve Industries and Chief Representative Officer of the Duros High House, the governing body of Duro. Kran came into this galaxy and lived summers in the luxurious Kri-Larun Station, generally known as the premiere vacation spot of the system. The bulk of his childhood, though, was spent on the Capital Station, Bbhurru, where his father worked. The early life of Kran was generally unexciting: full of going to political conferences and dinners with his parents. Kran soon grew tired of it, and longed to be among the stars with the greatest pilots of the galaxy, actually doing something.

However, to please his father, Kran went into the political field. While not enjoying it immensley, he wasn't so bad at being a politician. He was able to attain the lowest rank in the Duros High House, intern. Beating out seventy-five other wannabe Duros politicians, Kran got the job. Mostly due to his father's influence, but hey, Kran had at least played a portion of the role in getting the job. Kran started his internship with a bang. First day on the job, he spilt a glass of hot Corellian Coffee on Senator Wryia Hub. Not a very good start in politics, when you spill a almost boiling drink on the most elderly and hoverchair-bound member of the Duros High House. Just imagine all the propaganda that your political adversaries will come up with during a campaign. "Don't vote for the Senator that tried to kill a poor old lady" and such.

Seeing the end of his not-even-started career--and not all that disappointed either--Kran left the internship and the planet. He informed his parents of his decision and took off in a bangd up Cloakshape/H fighter he received for his twenty-second birthday from his uncle who had a taste for adventure. While he could have afforded better, Kran felt the excitment this rusty tin can could provide him outweighed the fact that he might not make it to the next star system.

Wandering YearsEdit

Kran found himself first heading to Corellia, the most local of the major trade areas in the galaxy.

Tytus Escorting IncEdit

............he found a recruitment holo for a group called Tytus Escorting Inc. and took off to TEI's main base of operations in Fef. Once reaching the system, Kran sent a message to the leader, Chenmar Kefthur, who accepted him into the group.

Work in Tytus was great at first. Kran quickly learned the basics of piloting fighters and small freighters. His favorite ship was the YT-510, which he enjoyed immensely because of the superior speed of the ship, faster than most standard ships available. Kran worked advanced through the ranks of Tytus, though life grew dull after awhile, doing the same old transport job after the next. This dullness in his life led him to look for greener pastures.

The Commerce GuildEdit

Kran saw a help wanted advertisement on the local newstation, advertising the job of hauler pilot in the shining gem of mining factions at the time, the Commerce Guild. Kran immeadiatley considered the offer. The Commerce Guild was affliliated with the Trade Federation, another symbol of modernity that Tytus just couldn't match. It didn't hurt that the starting salary at the Commerce Guild was five times more than his current pay at Tytus--300,000 credits a month sounded like a dream! With his heart set on a new faction, Kran informed Chenmar of his resignation, then sent his resume to the Commerce Guild, who promptly accepted him.

Kran's days in the Commerce Guild were some of the best days of his life. Upon joining, he met such wonderful coworkers as Hjrool Ohr, Jetsi Seejay, Glaeken T, Tebbo Torelena, Michael Kaiden, and of course, his best friend, Mour Bonaventure. He and Kran would go on together in the construction business and build 4 magnificent cities on the planet of Marthril. Kran's first days in the Commerce Guild were full of typical work for a logistics pilot in a mining faction: hauling RMs from mines to local depots where clients could pick them up. The labor took a toll on Kran and he developed a slight stench. However, it wasn't long before his potential was recognized by his superiors, and Kran was promoted to Director of Sales. In this position he was in charge of handling client orders and relationships, keeping various holoboards up to date, working with the Director of Logisitics to ensure orders were delivered in a timely fashion, and reporting on the flow of raw materials. Kran excelled at his new position.

Kran continued to be Director of Sales for awhile, until a major restructuring of the Commerce Guild took place. The Commerce Guild and the Confederate Mining Corporation merged, leaving a foreign face, Jamaal Newport at the head of the Commerce Guild, and Kran as his Chief Operating Officer. Again, here Kran excelled at his managerial position; however, Kran eventually became bored of his repetitive tasks, and once more looked for a new place to use his talents.

The Corporate AllianceEdit

Kran was approached by Mour Bonaventure and Siejo Kutol about joining the Corporate Alliance to aid the disorganized company. Kran immediately agreed, having full trust in two of his closest allies. Kran and Mour soon got to work, cleaning holoboards and creating spreadsheets to help organize the group. Soon, things began to retake shape, and the Corporate Alliance was running full steam. Soon after, the Corporate Alliance acquired a ship production company, Hoersch-Kessel Driveworks, Inc. Siejo asked Kran to take the helm of this struggling faction, and promoted him to Vice-Magistrate of the Alliance. Soon, the company rose twice its original worth, with numerous shipyards constructed and many ships producing inside them. All was well in the Alliance.