R&D 3
Station Information
Name: R&D 3
Classification: R&D Station
Affiliation: Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc., Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company
Owner: N/A
Navigational Stats
Sensors: 1
ECM: 0
Cargo Stats
Weight: 755,175 T
Volume: 56,000.0 m³
Weight Cap: 629,312T
Volume Cap: 45,280m³
Max Passengers: 675 Passenger(s)
Crew Requirement: Unknown Crewmen
NPCs Available: None
Hull Stats
Length: 950m
Hull: 4,800
Deflector Shields: 3,000
Ionic Capacity: 2,160
Weapons Systems
Weapons: Tractor Beams: 2

Heavy Laser: 14
Concussion Missile Launchers: 3

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Those researchers and developers who can bring in the big budgets and the large grants spare no expense when it comes to the labs they do their work in. The Syphon-Class Research and Development Stations are the medium sized R & D stations in terms of size. Like its sister stations, the Syphon-class station spares no expense when it comes to features. For example, for added convenience, there is a built in computer network that connects all the rooms and halls to a central database. This central database is accessible through literally hundreds of computer terminals and can store millions upon millions of bits of information. It is used to keep track of incoming supplies, newest developments, and a vast amount of knowledge rivaling most libraries. Using this almost infinite resource, the scientists are able to work quickly without consistently relying on outside sources. One of the principle uses of these stations is their ability to modify starships, vehicles, and even items. The scientists toiling away in the bowls of the station are looking for ways to add an extra boost to speed on fighters, increase power to weapons on capital ships, increase armor on vehicles, and even increase ammunition capacity on weapons. The Syphon-class Research and Development Stations are not limited to what they can do, but only by the ideas of those working and living on the stations.

Station Abilities:Edit

Docking bay
Hanger Bay
Escape Pods: 55
Docking Ports: 4

Construction InformationEdit

Construction StatisticsEdit

AVG Build Time:
AVG Build Cost:
CA RM Price:: $47,739,185 Cr

- Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.
- Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company

Raw Material Requirements:
Quantum (Used in Armour): 1,426
Meleenium (Durasteel): 3,582
Ardanium (Fuel Canisters): 330
Rudic (Electronics): 329
Rock Ivory (Antigrav Unit): 165
Tibanna Gas (Blasters / Lasers): 91
Varium (Droids / Equipment): 4,375
Lommite (Transparisteel): 989

Construction ExamplesEdit

In System

Out of System