Tyrie Dajek4
Biographical Information
Name: Tyrie Da`jek
Homeworld: Yag`Dhul
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown
Physical Description
Species: Givin
Gender: Male
Height: 1.6 Meters
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Chronological and Political Information
Era: Episode 7 - Present
Affiliation: Corporate Alliance, Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc., Nautolan Society, Trade Federation
Tyrie Dajek, a prosperous Givin, only wishes to make his mark on the history books. Tyrie is a rather busy and stressed humanoid that holds a great interest business and administrative works. He excels in Logistics and Production work which secured his current ex-title in the Alliance. Tyrie was the first Minister of the Interior for the Corporate Alliance, and current leader of Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company. Upon his body is a full head of brown hair, brown eyes, and rather white skin. He almost always wears his brown suit, however on special occasion he does put on a tuxedo. He holds a rather expensive collection of starships which he keeps at the ready for any occassion.

Early LifeEdit


Surrounded by past hardship, the story of Tyrie Dajek's is well known to anyone who has ever crossed paths with his kind-heart and prosperous business mind. An orphan from birth, Tyrie spend most of his young life bouncing from orphan home to orphan home never staying tied to one location or planet for that matter for more than a short period.

Once Tyrie reached the age where could freely leave the care of his many caretakers he started a small general store on the lower levels of Coruscant. He would work days on end making only enough to survive, like many orphans his age he sought more with his life. It was this desire not to be poor forever that led him stow away aboard a shuttle bound for the Trade Federation headquarters in Vinsoth.

While it took some months of waiting and living paycheck to paycheck his application to enlist in the Federation Navy was finally accepted, while not a completely step from hardship it was an improvement.

Federation LifeEdit

Unlike his fellow cadets he had more than the want to be a officer or a starship, he had the desire to do something with his life to do whatever it took to be someone. And if it wasn't for his drive then he wouldn't have made it through training.

After his graduation from the academy he was assigned command of a small YT-510 class vessel which was ordered to join the large fleet clearing non Federation vessels from the Vinsoth System as task which while interesting from meeting the pilots he had to clear out was also quite boring and stressing.

It wasn't long before a department transfer request was filed and approved he joined the Department of Logistics. He was assigned under the command of his flight lead Zanthea Zoid. He quickly worked his way up the ladder of the many ranks he was eventually given his own flight team once his commander was promoted to a different branch of the Federation.

Tyrie led his team like no other, as he himself and other found out he was a natural leader. He watched as members grew into better positions and commands of their own.

For one of the first times in his life he found something that actually made him happy. However this bliss was cut short by a tragic explosion of tibanna gas aboard a transport mission causing the ship be torn apart and shock waves to surge through the ship, one of which hit Tyrie head on. He awoke months later in the Vinsoth medical station, no longer in command of his body or his team. It took months of painful poking and prodding from the medical staff before he could return to duty. However he no longer felt capable of being a Federation commander and resigned his command.

Early Trade CareerEdit

Prosperous FreelancerEdit

While no longer serving the Federation he kept the skills of trade he had learned and put them to use quite often making trades for his item and droid collection, however the trade that he is most proud of is the trade of several thousand credits and assets for his first personal starship the BR-23 Primoris Traba.

The BR-23 trades light the spark of courage he needed to start a non-faction company, Dajek Commerce, which was later, renamed Allotek Industries. He and his employees worked hard to make a name for the company which first laid its roots in the Trax Sector but later sold the founded city and moved to their new headquarters in the Lexrol System where Allotek purchased 9 cities and the construction rights for 9 space stations which was later taken by the large number of shipyards and trade stations.

After successful years Tyrie and his company Allotek build a large amount of property and a respectable size fleet but nothing great last forever. The company was severely devastated by a trusted employee who sold off most of Allotek's property in Lexrol. Tyrie was devastated by the destruction of his company he closed the doors to Allotek sold off the remaining assets left in the city and transferred the fleet to his personal use and set off for work within a larger business.

Alliance CareerEdit

Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.Edit

While in search of work he was contacted by the leader of the Corporate Alliance and their affiliates who asked him to join the production department as the second in command, Tyrie could never refused such an offer and gladly accepted. As to be expected it wasn't long before the assembly lines were doubled and the amount of client contracts along with it was growing in number.

Dajek took complete command of the department soon after the improvements were made and the previous commander died in a tragic escape pod crash. It took several months before Tyrie could get the lines running at complete efficiency again but it like several of the other commanders were done.

Corporate AllianceEdit

Siejo Kutol, the leader of the Alliance and Tyrie's close friend requested he take the lead role all production and logistics needs as the Director of Logistics. The Corporate Alliance was later restructured and the Director role was no longer a role in the Alliance making Tyrie the last member to hold this title before he was promoted to the Minister of the Interior commanding over half the Alliance and affiliates.

The Alliance expanded into more than two new regions under the command of Dajek and prospered under his oversight of the development of both regions. Life in the Alliance was good for everyone and to top that life got even better when the Alliance purchased both a recycling company and medical group.

Tyrie promoted his deputy-minster Tika Majere to take his job as he shifted his command focus to the new recycling group known at the time as Phoenix Recycling Corporation.

Phoenix Recycling CorporationEdit

Working closely with former Director of State Nash Pelar, Phoenix rose to be one of the largest recycling corporations around, so large in fact his first employers the Trade Federation took interest in his company and soon required there services after the Federation's recycling corporation merged with Phoenix which led to it being renamed, Haven Recycling Corporation.

Like most commands touched by Dajek, Haven has grown even further than anyone could have imagined or hoped for. Around this time as usual once he commands a company on track the Alliance request he take a new command to help those in need.

Awards and CommendationsEdit

Personal Fleet CollectionEdit