Navigational Information
Planet: Valakivir
System: Dolomar
Sun(s): Dolomar Sun
Orbiting Objects: NS Guardian Station
Geographical Information
Size: 10x10
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Temperate
Social Information
Governor: Corporate Alliance
Population: 6,000,000 Inhabitant(s)
Civilisation Level: 3%
Languages: Galactic Basic, Nautila
Industry: Commerce
Taxation Level: 0%
Currency: Unknown
Planetary Income: 973,229 Credit(s)
Tax Income: 0 Credit(s)
Important Cities: Nauto Prime
Point of Interest: Nautolan Society Capitol Building
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Valakivir is one of five planets in the Dolomar System. Controlled by the Nautolan Society and Corporate Alliance, Valakivir was the first planet settled on by fleeing Nautolans, who left their homeworld to escape oppression. With he official founding of the the Nautolan Society, the Nautolans established their capital city, Nauto Prime on the major land mass of the Planet.


Valakivir is one of the ocean worlds in the Dolomar system. Along with Tellus, it shares an orbit that is very close to the system's sun, producing extremely hot summers and warm winters. The lack of a cold season makes this planet very viable for plant and crop growth.

The surface of Valakivir is mostly covered by vast oceans, which are full of varied aquatic life. Deep swamps, dense forests and jungles, and a large glacier region can all be found on this diverse planet. No naturally evolved humanoid species, but large predators developed in the dense jungles, making them a very dangerous place to venture.

Valakivir has one large landmass in the western hemisphere, mainly consisting of a massive metropolis. The city is home to many sentient beings; most of these are displaced Nautolans, who fled their homeworld of Glee Anselm many years ago to get away from the war-plagued planet. The immigrants, led by the Nautolan Society, claimed the planet as a new homeworld for their race, free from the oppression found on Glee Anselm, and began construction on their grand city. The city grew very fast and soon covered a large section of the landmass of Valakivir. The planet's population is steadily on the rise, making it a popular place for immigration and development.

During the Clone Wars, a large-scale water battle took place on Valakivir between the Separatists and the Republic forces. While the result of that battle is unknown, the bottom of the Valakivir oceans are littered with the remains of not only wrecked ships, but also of the fighters that were destroyed high above in the plant's atmosphere during the battle.